Tech Tools to Help Students Overcome Learning Challenges

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Who can keep track of all the new tricks your computer, tablet, or phone can do? Who can keep up with all the apps in Google Play or the App Store? When you add tracking new accessibility features on top of teaching children or teens with learning challenges or other special needs, it’s hard. But […]

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Proposed National Education Standards

How Would They Affect You? In the U.S., schools began as communities banded together. They are still supervised by local school boards. More recently, states adopted standards of learning, and now there is a movement toward national standards. In June 2010 the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State […]

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Finding the right book for your child


It can be hard to get a struggling learner to read, especially if he or she is contending with a learning disability, attention deficit disorder, or other learning problem. Scholastic offers a book wizard tool online. You can enter a title or a subject to find a particular book. If you child liked one book, you […]

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