by Kathy Kuhl   Can homeschool benefit kids with learning and attention challenges such as ADHD? Can parents successfully homeschool students with attention challenges? In this workshop, I say “Yes” and explain.

Know someone asking these questions? Send them here, please. I love to help families weigh the pros and cons. They can even download chapter one of my book, Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner, here. 

Recently I gave this workshop for my local chapter of CHADD, children and Adults with ADHD. But the material applies to any family considering homeschooling a child who does not thrive in a school setting, in person or virtual. It’s not just good for kids who struggle with attention.

Also, homeschooling kids with attention problems is not as crazy as it may sound. Customizing curriculum and schedule helps students focus. Incorporating lots of movement and building on your student’s strengths and talents helps them stay engaged.

Enjoy! You’ll find links and resources here. 

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