Movie explains the Homeschool Revolution: Schoolhouse Rocked

by Kathy Kuhl    What’s happening in education? The new film, Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution examines the burgeoning movement.

Homeschooling is growing. It transforms learning and enriches families. Explore its different faces and advantages through this documentary. The film opens virtually Friday, November 12.

Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution will help your friends and family, too. It’s one way to explain what you’re doing with your kids (or considering doing).

Filmmaker and homeschoolers Garritt and Yvette Hampton have interviewed dozens of families and experts across the country to produce this film.

They examine homeschooling from different perspectives and motivations. The cast includes:

  • Andrew Pudewa,
  • Janice Campbell,
  • Colleen Kessler,
  • Dr. Carol M. Swain,
  • Connie Albers,
  • me, and many more.

Anxious about homeschooling? Here’s an example showing the range of perspectives. Sarah Mackenzie, Andrew Kern, and Dr. Christopher Perrin speak on teaching from rest:

YouTube video

Afraid you’ll ruin your child if you homeschool. Watch this clip, where actress and homeschool advocate Sam Sorbo explains:

“You feel inadequate because you’ve been taught by our school system that you’re inadequate. You are not inadequate. You are perfectly capable.”
~Sam Sorbo, Schoolhouse Rocked 

YouTube video

You can watch this film by purchasing a Virtual Cinema event ticket. Using my affiliate link will support my website at no extra cost to you. Buy now and watch November 12 or later. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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