Digital pens–help for students who learn differently

By Kathy Kuhl       If your student struggles to take notes, do you know the best tools to help him or her succeed? I bought my son a smart pen years ago, and it helped. But the technology has changed and improved.

Joan Green (tech tools)The best way I’ve found to keep up with all kinds of assistive technology is following Joan Green. (I’ve blogged about her work before here and also here.) She’s a former public school speech pathologist who struggled to get the best tools for her students.

Sometimes by the time the school adopted them, there was something better–and often cheaper. (She’s great at finding bargains and loves helping homeschoolers.)

On August 25, Joan is giving another of her free webinars. You can sign up here. (Her generous policy is to give free webinars that can be watched for a short time–you don’t have to watch live, though you should because you can ask questions. Paid subscribers to her site get long time access to all her webinars.)

Her Facebook group is another good resource, IST Tech Savvy Solutions. 

I recommend you also sign up at her other website for her emails. Though her site names reflects her background (, she helps with many tools that have nothing to to with speech.

If you’ve been wondering, “Is there an app or tool for that?” ask Joan. You can request a free 15-minute chat on her site, too.


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