The lost month & 3 tips for distracted parents

By Kathy Kuhl

Some of us struggle with distractible kids. Some of us struggle with distractible us.

Life’s gotten crazy at the Kuhl household lately. As I prepare bonus material for the first people who buy my new book, Encouraging Your Child, next week, we’ve had what my husband calls it “the lost month.” So I’m distracted.

Three weeks with one darling grandbaby in the house, two new parents writing lectures and dissertations, one sick husband, one cross-country trip for a funeral, and–swoosh–December is gone.

Ever lose a month?We loved the time with family, we’re grateful no one else got sick, but I’m still adjusting to the fact that none of my end-of-the-year or beginning-of -the-year projects got done.

Ever had a season like that? I’ve tried to practice what I recommend: adjusting goals, focusing on what matters, making time for rest and exercise. And, by God’s grace, I’ve stayed well and enjoyed the season.

But I need to write those bonuses–a study guide and a discussion guide for the new book, Encouraging Your Child. Be sure you’re getting my newsletter, which I’ll use to tell you how to get those bonuses, once they are ready.

So meanwhile–where was I?–tips for fighting distractiblity from someone who’s fought it for years. Here’s my latest blog post on the Great Homeschool Convention site, “3 Tips for Distracted Parents.” Enjoy!

And have a focused and fun 2015.

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  1. 🙂 God bless your honesty and ministry, Kathy.