Missed a conference? You now have many ways to buy recordings.
Wherever you order recordings, you may e-mail Kathy to request handouts; see the address below.

At Ultimate Special Needs Expo 2010, I gave three talks. Registering for the complete conference gives you access to ten weeks of workshops, an online vendors hall, and more.
Check Ultimate Special Needs Expo for handouts and more information.

To order recordings of Kathy’s workshops at ENOCH of New Jersey’s 2010 Convention, click here. The workshops were “Homeschooling a Child with Learning Difficulties” and “Encouraging Your Struggling Learner.”

To order recordings of Kathy’s workshops at CHAP 2009 in Harrisburg, click here and enter “Kuhl” in the search box. Workshops recorded at CHAP 2009:

  • “Homeschooling Your Child with Learning or Attention Difficulties,”
  • “Teaching Math to Struggling Learners,”
  • “Encouraging Your Struggling Learner,”
  • “Teaching Writing to Struggling Learner,” and
  • “Homeschooling Struggling Learners Through High School.”

At North Carolinians For Home Education Conference(NCHE), May 22, 2009, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, two workshops: “Struggling Learner, Struggling Parent,” and “Teaching Math to Your Struggling Learner.” Recordings of both NCHE talks are available from Manna Recording. Just search for “Kuhl” and you will see both talks as MP3s and CDs, and bundled with the other NCHE special needs talks.

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