January 28, 2015

Your X-Men Superpowers

It was New Year’s Eve. Our family loves to get our favorite snacks—an odd mix, from pigs-in-blanket and guacamole, to gourmet cheeses and crackers—and enjoy a good, cheesy science fiction movie. This year, we sat down to watch the latest X-Men movie. When you watch or read science fiction, you know you have to ignore […]

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January 23, 2015

Encouraging Your Child, my latest book

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By Kathy Kuhl How do you help your children keep going despite setbacks? What’s the best way to use rewards and treats? How can we avoid accidentally discouraging kids? How do we train our kids to become adults who will encourage themselves when times are hard? In my new book, Encouraging Your Child, you’ll find these […]

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January 15, 2015

The lost month & 3 tips for distracted parents

By Kathy Kuhl Some of us struggle with distractible kids. Some of us struggle with distractible us. Life’s gotten crazy at the Kuhl household lately. As I prepare bonus material for the first people who buy my new book, Encouraging Your Child, next week, we’ve had what my husband calls it “the lost month.” So […]

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January 06, 2015

SMART Yaks, and other tips for a better year

by Kathy Kuhl Yaks aren’t known for great intelligence. But smart, rational yaks are my new reminders for better goal-setting in 2015. Because running a home takes serious commitment (even if you don’t have a child with exceptional needs), I’ve been gleaning from business leaders to see what goal-setting tools parents can use to help […]

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