April 27, 2017

More Life Skills for Teens

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By Kathy Kuhl Part 4 of a series on life skills (which began here). Once I met a new mom at our homeschool group, who asked how old my kids were. When I told her, my oldest was then eighteen, she replied, “Oh, then you’re done!” I smothered a chuckle. I know what she meant. […]

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April 20, 2017

Money Skills for Teens

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by Kathy Kuhl Part 3 of a series on life skills (which began here). My kid bought a $36 soda Remember several years ago, when banks got bad publicity for charging $35 overdraft fees on debit cards? For struggling learners those fees were especially painful. Some consumers thought that a debit card purchase would be […]

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April 13, 2017

Life Skills for Teens with Learning Challenges

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by Kathy Kuhl Part 2 of a series on Life Skills (which began here). Recently, I spoke on helping teens and young adults with ADHD develop life skills. (The link to the audio is below.) This is important for all teens, but especially those with learning challenges. Young people who struggle with attention or learning […]

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June 09, 2015

Accommodations for the ACT: One family’s story

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Years ago, I wrote about our experience getting accommodations for the SAT. I included advice from Judy Fulton. New Resource In October 2018, Jennifer Mauser wrote about her experience in 2018 on the IEW site. [That article is relevant to all who homeschool students students who learn differently, not just users of the Institute for Excellence in […]

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