June 09, 2015

Accommodations for the ACT: One family’s story

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Years ago, I wrote about our experience getting accommodations for the SAT. I included advice from Judy Fulton. New Resource In October 2018,¬†Jennifer Mauser wrote about her experience in 2018 on the IEW site.¬†[That article is relevant to all who homeschool students students who learn differently, not just users of the Institute for Excellence in […]

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January 09, 2013

Homeschoolers Applying for Accommodations on the College Board Exams: PSAT and SAT

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Accommodations on the SAT? While I was homeschooling my son, he received accommodations for the SAT in 2004 because of his LD and ADD. Here are some notes from our experience, with updates as described below. This is not legal advice. I am not a lawyer or a special education teacher. There are two applications. […]

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