January 04, 2018

Goals help you gear up for growth

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By Kathy Kuhl Happy New Goals! I hope you’ve had a rest or at least a change of pace over the holidays. As we return to our homeschooling, it’s a great time to review and perhaps revise our goals. If you need to set or revise goals for this year and would like some help, […]

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December 29, 2015

Before you celebrate the new year, celebrate the old one

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As we enjoy the holidays, I’m taking time this week to review the past year. Can you find an hour or two to do the same? It should encourage you and help you prepare for the months ahead. First, if you have a list of goals for the year, review them. No written goals? Mentally […]

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December 30, 2014

Two ways to let the old year improve your new year

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By Kathy Kuhl Now that the festivals are either over or well underway (Christmas Day and Hanukah are over; Kwanzaa and the twelve days of Christmas continue in other homes), many families have relaxed from their holiday busy-ness. You may have a few moments to yourself before homeschooling or school resumes. I recommend a nap. But […]

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