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By Kathy Kuhl

Happy New Goals!

I hope you’ve had a rest or at least a change of pace over the holidays. As we return to our homeschooling, it’s a great time to review and perhaps revise our goals.

If you need to set or revise goals for this year and would like some help, make sure you’ve got my Goal-setting Guide. It’s free when you subscribe to my newsletter. If you’re getting the newsletter, but don’t have the guide or have mislaid the link, email us for a link to redownload it.

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I like to review my goals every quarter. If things aren’t too chaotic, I give them a look on Sunday afternoons, when I review the past week, and preview and plan the next. I don’t achieve all I want, but I make more progress when I have a clear aim.

What helps you resume homeschooling? How to you remind yourself of your goals? Please share in the comments section. Thank you.



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