Kathy Kuhl speaking to parents

Kathy Kuhl’s Upcoming Talks

Kathy speaks to groups large and small. With Zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms, you don’t have to fly her in to speak to your group. If you are curious, use the “Got questions?” blue bubble, lower right, to explain what you’d like and request information.

June 8: Expanded Special Needs Track before the regular HEAV Convention in Virginia!

 On June 8-10, 2023, Kathy will be speaking six times at the Home Educators Association of Virginia’s convention in Richmond, Virginia. This convention, one of the nation’s largest, includes a special needs conference all day, Thursday, June 8, at no extra cost. Kathy give two workshops Thursday:
“Distractible, Impulsive, Hyperactive, and Happily Homeschooled” and “Understanding Your Child’s Learning Problems.” Don’t just come to hear Kathy. Enjoy great workshops by the special needs speakers, including Steve Demme, Dr. Amy Moore, Judi Munday, Sarah Olibris, and more.

Thursday HEAV also offers a free “How to Begin” track.

Friday, June 9, the convention begins. Friday Kathy will present “Helping People Respond to Special Needs with Grace” and participate in the Struggling Learners panel discussion.

On Saturday, June 10, Kathy presents two more workshops: “High School Planning for Out-of-the-Box Learners” and “When Writing Doesn’t Come Easily.” Learn more and register here. 

Want Kathy to speak at your conference, meeting or online event?

Whether you’re running an  homeschool conference, a group for parents of kids with special needs, for homeschoolers, or any parent audience, Kathy can help. She effectively encourages and equips a wide range of audiences, speaking at everything from international conferences (including CHADD, LDA, and ASA) to small parent support groups to Christian women’s retreats.  Click here for a partial list of workshops Kathy gives. Kathy also writes new talks on request.

For 2022-23, Kathy is accepting only a limited number of invitations.

Planning a women’s retreat? Contact Kathy to discuss topics and the needs of your particular group, or to request references. Her most recent retreat topic was hope. She’s experienced in in-person and on-line events.

Use the contact form to tell her what you need and request rates, which are on a sliding scale. Samples of past talks are available here. Demo MP3s available on request.

Not a Movie Star, but in a Movie!

Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution! Kathy writes, “I’m excited to be part of this impressive film about homeschooling. It will encourage more families to homeschool and share the benefits of customizing education for our kids.” Learn more here. Help get the word out.