Providing support for different learners

by Kathy Kuhl Last year, I gave a video interview to Gretchen Roe of Demme Learning on some of the ways homeschoolers adapt instruction for different learners. Over a hundred listeners submitted questions. Our topics included:

03:40 How to Engage Your Student 05:59 Expectations for Readers 09:04 Your Child is a Person, not a Diagnosis 11:18 Discover Your Child’s Strengths 13:45 Insights from Interviewing Families 15:23 Movement Breaks 17:53 Don’t Overfocus on Your Child’s Deficits 20:55 Support Options from Kathy 23:26 Developing a Homeschool Mindset 27:03 Computer Screens 34:03 Math Tips 36:13 How to Report Progress 39:17 Learning Preferences 41:56 Evaluating Focus 45:54 A Course for Parents 46:55 “Behind” 52:45 Computer Games 54:39 Closing Thoughts

You’ll find the whole recording on YouTube here.

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