Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids: Book review

Elizabeth Huie's book, Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids.

by Kathy Kuhl     When I saw that Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids, Eliza Huie’s newest book, had come out this year, I was delighted to see this short, helpful book for parents. This experienced counselor packs a lot of information in a very short book.

Eliza Huie takes a broad view of the child: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. Her psychological training is evident, yet her style is lucid. She explains the child’s growing  development, needs, and our best responses over their stages of growth.

Her chapter titles will give you the practical and holistic flavor of the book.

  • Nurture them wholly
  • Understand their capacity
  • Regard their feelings
  • Cultivate lasting hope
  • Attend to yourself
  • Know when to get help

While I still recommend John Gottman’s book, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, Huie’s book is shorter yet broader ranging. Gottman focuses on helping parents develop and teaching children communication and coping skills, which is helpful. But Huie’s book covers a wider range of topics.

Her bibliography covers a wider range of sources, giving you additional valuable help. Her sources range  from Jean Twenge’s work on the mental health impact of iPhones, to Bill Bryson on embodiment, to a Royal Society of London’s publication on mirroring of emotions.

Eliza Huie, counselor and author
Eliza Huie, author and counselor

This holistic approach includes spiritual needs, so I should note that Huie writes from a Christian perspective. But she has packed a lot of helpful material for any parent into less than 100 pages.

Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids costs less than $5. So buy it for yourself as a teacher appreciation gift, and get one for a friend. The book is available from her publisher, 10ofThose, and on Amazon.

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