New free math materials from Chris Woodin

by Kathy Kuhl   Christopher Woodin recently sent me great news. “I recently completed a comprehensive Gen Ed. Primary Numeracy program. You will like it. It parallels my work with Nessy. Check it out.”

And it’s free!

Who is Christopher Woodin?

Mr. Woodin is one of my best sources of help for students who struggle with math. If you haven’t read my earlier posts on teaching math, you may not know his work. He’s the chair of the math department at the Landmark School, a school for students with learning disabilities.

Outstanding for his creativity and clarity, Chris Woodin has created materials on topics from counting to five through algebra. His material helps students with dyscalculia, language-based learning disabilities, and anyone who struggles with math.

What’s Numeracy? defines numeracy as “the ability to understand and use maths ind daily life, at home, work or school. Numeracy doesn’t mean complex skills, like algebra, it means being confident enough ouse basic maths in real-life situations.”

This material on primary level numeracy covers:

  • Quantities, shapes, and numbers to five
  • Quantities, shapes, and numbers to ten
  • Place Value Through the Hundreds Place
  • Addition and Subtraction Facts Through Twenty
  • Addition and Subtraction Within the Hundreds Place

Woodin Math is very hands-on, concrete to abstract. And it’s not just using manipulatives but using activities and structured language in ways that make concepts sink in and stick.

How you implement his program?

At first glance, Woodin Math might look hard to follow. Look again. Some links in his spreadsheets provide short helpful videos. Others go to handouts, or to where to buy materials online.

All that detail is detailed, straightforward help.

Mr. Woodin provides more than downloadable lessons and printables. He created videos showing you how he’s organized it, where to find everything, and even a separate video on how to create your own schedule. If your child struggles with, it’s worth considering.

More help with Woodin Math

For more help, join the Woodin Math Public Facebook Group. Chris Woodin writes, “It is run by people that use my methods. I give a live seminar on it on the first Wednesday of every month at 8 pm ET.”

Mr. Woodin also has a YouTube channel.

Want more help? Then see the Nessy website. Chris Woodin says they have more Woodin Math resources, including this helpful article with videos explaining learning disabilities in math. (Nessy is an excellent British education website. It’s worth a look, too.)

Finally, be sure to see all my math resources. Then see the new online training from my math mentor, nationally known expert  Marilyn Zecher.

What are your favorite sources of help for kids who struggle with math? Please comment below.

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