My talks for parents “crisis homeschooling” during pandemic

Kathy Kuhl speaking to parents

by Kathy Kuhl         Crisis schooling, emergency homeschooling, school at home, mandatory distance learning–what do you call what you do? And if it’s hard for families with neurotypical children, what about the rest of us?

With families home with struggling learners because of the school closings, I’m speaking online more. Parents who never intended to homeschool want help for kids who learn differently–kids with dyslexia, ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, or other challenges.

(Sometimes giftedness is in the mix, too. It’s a special need, too!)

If you’ve missed the workshop, you can watch replays in the links provided.

New workshops to watch

Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center hosts webinar

YouTube video

  •  Topics include:
    • setting goals,
    • customizing your homeschool environment and schedule,
    • finding and adapting curriculum,
    • building on your child or teen’s strengths and passions, and
    • nurturing emotional health and family life during the crisis.My hosts, the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center of Virginia, PEATC will post this webinar later on YouTube. (If you don’t see the link here, please ask me to post it.)

Like last week’s post on webinars I recommend but I’m not in, I’ll update this as I have time.

Individualized help

Got a question as you adjust to these new circumstances? Use the contact form here or the blue chat balloon lower right to send me a question. Whether you’ve homeschooled for years or have begun “crisis schooling” last week, I welcome your questions and comments.

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