Getting started homeschooling with special needs? Here’s help!

by Kathy Kuhl

Homeschooling intimidated me. Starting to homeschool a child with learning challenges or special needs sounded even harder. But there’s new help this June. I’m privileged to play a part.

Expanded special needs track at HEAV

There’s an expanded special needs track  at the June convention of the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) in Richmond, Virginia. This is one of the largest conventions in the US. Join me there on Thursday, June 6, 2019, for workshops, roundtable discussions, conversation, and great resources.

For years, HEAV has targeted Thursdays, the first day of their convention, on “How to Begin.” Yvonne Bunn and other experts provide advice, practical tips, legal knowledge and encouragement.

This year the special needs program also extends into Thursday. We’ll have short talks, round table discussions, and other opportunities for you to ask all the special needs speakers your questions. We speakers will be sharing our favorite resources. At a special needs resource area before the vendor hall opens, we’ll have these for you to examine or purchase.

Know someone thinking of homeschooling a child with learning differences? This is a rare opportunity.

The special needs speakers include:

Special Buddies Program for kids with special needs

On Friday and Saturday, June 7-8, HEAV will provide Special Buddies, a Bible-based program for kids with special needs, ages 3-11. With its low student-worker ratio, children will get special attention. Very few conventions offer this opportunity, and spaces are limited, so apply early.

Know someone who’d be an excellent volunteer for this program? Send them the link above and urge them to apply to help. I want HEAV to be able to expand this special program, don’t you?

Other special reasons to attend

An apprentice job fair will give your teen a chance to talk with people in many careers that don’t require a college degree. There will be a panel, and even an opportunity to submit questions early. Learn more here. 

My friend Dr. Kathy Koch and other excellent speakers will be keynoting, including Andrew Pudewa, Steve Demme, and many more.

The vendor hall is large and excellent, too.

Got questions? Please comment below. I hope to see you there!

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