New Resources to Make Reading Easier

New Resources from Joan Green

by Kathy Kuhl     Joan Green is one of the nation’s experts on finding tools to help people with all kinds of learning challenges. I’ve recommended her work in assistive technology before, and now she has new ways to help.

Why I like Joan Green’s work

  • Joan keeps up with the fast-growing field of assistive technology. That’s good because the rest of us can’t.
  • Joan works across all platforms, sharing tips for Apple, Microsoft, and Google devices.
  • Joan knows how to find a bargain. I’ve attended several workshops Joan has given, and I love how she shares the best software or other assistive technology.
    Joan Green
    Joan Green

    She may show you a great tool, then demonstrate another with most of the same features for 75% less money.

  • Joan is a fan of homeschooling. She appreciates that homeschoolers ask how to follow up therapy sessions with work at home. She loves how we’re engaged in our children’s education.

More than just language

Joan Green is a speech pathologist, but her work goes far beyond helping people with language. Though her website is named Innovative Speech, Joan shares many resources to help with organization, writing, reading, and much more. Anyone who has a family member with learning challenges should get Joan’s newsletter. (I also recommend following Innovative Speech on Facebook.)

Joan’s new Free mini-video course

Joan has expanded to offer a free mini-video course aimed at reading difficulties. I’ll let Joan explain in her own words:

Joan Green’s Free Mini-Video course
Joan Green’s Free Mini-Video course

Years ago, technologies designed to help with reading disabilities were expensive and often out-of-reach of those who needed them most That’s all changing now. Amazing accessibility tools that can help those with reading disabilities navigate the world, get their work done, and relax are now built into many of our smart devices. You already have the tools you need; you just may not know how to use them yet!

In hopes of helping, I’m offering a free online mini-video course to help make a life a little bit easier for those with reading disabilities. In the lessons, I talk about the smart devices that you already have in your possession, and how you can use them to assist with reading. From using your smartphone’s camera to enlarge tiny text, to free text-to-speech options built into word processors, the tools you need are already at your disposal.

When you sign up for 5 Ways to Make Reading Easier mini-video course, you will get completely free access, no strings attached. In just a few minutes, you could learn some simple technology tips that could change a person’s life for the better. …Sign up below for this free mini-video course today, and you can learn exactly how to get the most out of your devices!

I am in the process of developing more mini-video courses and would appreciate any feedback you are willing to offer so that I can make them as helpful as possible.

How do you keep up with assistive technology? Got a favorite to share? Please post in the comments below.


  • Sign up for Joan Green’s 5 Ways to Make Reading Easier mini-video course.
  • Joan’s website and Facebook page.
  • In Virginia, the Department of Education runs several Training and Technical Assistance Centers (TTAC) that assist schools (and homeschoolers!) with technical resources to assist students with disabilities. At one facility, the staff said they lent equipment and other tools to families to try out before purchasing elsewhere. They loved helping people find the right tools.
    • (Other states: If your state offers similar services, please comment below or email me through the contact form.)
  • My review of Joan’s book, The Ultimate Guide to Assistive Technology in Special Education.

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