Thankful to whom?

Everyone talks about feeling grateful this time of year, that is, when we aren’t talking about feasting, football, and all the holiday and food preparation.

I’m a Christian, so I appreciate the holiday’s roots, going back to thanking God for our many blessings. I encourage you, and myself, to thank God. There are millions of gifts we don’t appreciate: every bit of beauty, every bite of food, every morning without pain, every step, every breath.

But whether you have any faith or none, I also want to encourage you to thank people. Thank your exceptional children for what you appreciate about them: their humor, kindness, perseverance, courage. If a spouse, family member, or friend, does anything to make your homeschooling and childrearing easier, thank them.

It will do you all good. They’ll feel appreciated, and you’ll be happier, remembering your blessings.

I am not suggesting you give an awkward speech at the table this Thanksgiving. Watch for what to give thanks for, and watch for the moments to give thanks. Prepare to be rebuffed, especially by adults.

Thank them, anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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