Cool trick for correct pencil grip

by Kathy Kuhl

One reason I love speaking at homeschool conventions is what I learn from you. My friend Mary, who works with special needs students, was helping at my booth. Mary showed me how to use two rubber bands to fashion a simple pencil grip, which she models here.

Mary uses two rubber bands to make a pencil grip.








She suggested you may add a squeeze ball to keep the writer from squeezing too hard. We’ve all seen kids with a death grip on the pencil!

2013-05-31 10.37.01








OR better yet, push a balloon into a balloon, use a funnel to fill the inner balloon with raw rice or flour, knot off the balloons and you have a squeezeball that won’t roll away. (Thanks to Melinda Boring of HeadsUpNow for this squeeze ball tip.)

2 rubber bands, 2 balloons, handful of rice: 20 cents.
Working with friends to learn ways to help kids: priceless.

Got a cool, inexpensive trick to share? Comment below, or use the contact form to let me know if you have photos to share.

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