Which balls will you drop?

by Kathy Kuhl

As I encourage parents not to do too much, I find I must practice what I preach. Last week I couldn’t write for this blog, for reasons I can explain soon.

But you all have had weeks like this. Let me encourage you to choose to drop some things. Today, for instance, I’ll drop finding an illustration for this post.

Try not to let it be much of your  exercise,  time with your spouse, nor getting fresh air. (My dear husband IS taking walks at 6:15 AM, in the dark, with my flashlight, because it’s the only time he can! I’ve been supportive, going along these first two mornings. But, honestly, I hope for a break tomorrow.)

Remember to consider your blessings and give thanks for them. There are always many things to give thanks for, but we get bogged down and forget.

This week I’m having to neglect many things. In my small, lowly way, it reminds me of what a senior US officer said about his tour in Kabul. There was always far too much to do, and much of importance. But the Air Force Academy had prepared him. They deliberately gave students more than they could do, to force them to choose what to neglect, and deal with the consequences. Like a Naval Academy grad, who’d had the same overfilled plate, told me after getting a D in chemistry, “D for done!”

Choose what to let go. Keep enjoying what you can.

To help you in crazy times, and as part of my campaign to encourage you, as I prepare to launch my new book, Encouraging Your Child, in January, here’s another contest. One of those who comment below will win a copy of Staying Sane as You Homeschool, my second book.

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  1. The book Margin by Richard Swenson is a great one for helping us to discover areas where we can create the margin we need to function optimally. Thanks for this post, Kathy.

    1. Linda, thanks for mentioning this book. I’ve heard it is an excellent reminder of our need to built a little extra time into our schedules. So many times, we think we can schedule everything. Then, real life changes our best-laid plans.

      1. Congratulations on winning a copy of Staying Sane as You Homeschool.