Lesson plans, worksheets, and more–a hodgepodge of resources

By Kathy Kuhl

I like to write my own lesson plans, but some days we want help.

  • A friend recommends Lesson Pathways online teaching resources, which are now free. They offer lesson plans, projects, games, and activities for K-5 students. Browse their content here.
  • If you use worksheets, you can find free ones that may help you at edWorksheets.com.
  • Free worksheets from Worksheet Library for those days when you need one. I’m not a huge fan of worksheets (we get bored easily here at the Kuhl Academy), but some kids love them, and some days they can be very handy. Graphic organizers, holiday worksheets, and more for grades K-8 in all subjects.

I receive no benefit from your clicking these links. You may find them useful. Please let me know.

Since we’ve just updated to Wordpress, this long page of links needs to be divided into new posts. That’s a project Kathy’s squeezing in between speaking trips. Meanwhile, please scroll down and see what you find.


  • Peacemaker Ministries offers help in conflict resolution from a biblical perspective. I’ve found Ken Sande’s book, The Peacemaker, and Corlette Sande’s Young Peacemaker workbooks both very practical and thought-provoking.
  • Eide Neurolearning Clinic will tell you more about Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide and their practice in Edmonds, Washington. People travel across the country to get their advice. Friends here in Virginia say it was worth the trip.
  • Homeschooling mother Tammy Glaser blogs about homeschooling her eighteen-year-old daughter with autism and syntactic aphasia. I had the privilege of interviewing Tammy for my book, and she is a great help.I especially enjoy her book reviews, tips, and video clips.
  • Memory and the Brain, a free, downloadable lecture from The Teaching Company by Professor Jeanette Norden of Vanderbilt University’s School of Medicine. Most of it was over my head, but it was still interesting.
  • A New York Times article on the controversy over removing the Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis from the psychiatry’s diagnostic manual, lumping it together with PDD/NOS (pervasive developmental dissorder not otherwise specified).
  • The Struggling Reader is a small business that provides testing materials to help you understand your child’s reading difficulties, and related teaching materials.

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