Homeschooling a Child with Learning Challenges

General Resources

• *Kathy!Kuhl,!Homeschooling,Your,Struggling,Learner.!My!website!or!Amazon.!
• Learn Differently e-Newsletter: book reviews and tips.
• *Carol Barnier: How to Get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and onto Learning. 2000.
Sign up for Carol Barnier’s newsletter:
• *Melinda Boring. Heads Up Helping: Teaching Tips and Techniques for Working
with ADD, ADHD, and Other Children with Challenges. ISBN 978-1553693321.
• Chris Dendy. Teaching Teens with ADD and ADHD.
• Christine M. Field, Homeschooling the Challenging Child. ISBN 0805430784.
• Sharon Hensley, Home Schooling Children with Special Needs addresses all kinds of
special needs. Get the new 2009 edition.
• Joyce Herzog, Choosing and Using Curriculum ISBN 1887225226 Learning in Spite
of Labels ISBN 1882514130.
• Maggie Hogan, Kathleen Julicher, and Janice Baker. Gifted Children at Home.
• Judith Munday. Teaching Your Special Needs Student: Strategies & Tools that Really
Work, 2007. The Student Education Plan: A Preparation Guide.
• Joe and Connie Sutton. Strategies for Struggling Learners: A Guide for the Teaching
Parent. ISBN: 0964568411. Out of print, but still on Amazon.
• Home School Legal Defense Association offers
special needs advice, newsletter, & rents tests to members.
• NATional cHallenged Homeschoolers Associated Network.
• Consider talking to a special education consultant: Judi Munday,,, Sharon Hensley , (see their
books above) and I consult long distance, among others.

Not Your Ordinary Textbooks

• DeAnna Horstmeier. Teaching Math to People with Down Syndrome and Other
Hands-On Learners (Topics in Down Syndrome) 2 volumes, Woodbine House.
• Harold Jacobs’ textbooks: Elementary Algebra; Geometry: Seeing, Doing
Understanding, and Mathematics: A Human Endeavor: A Book For Those Who Think
They Don’t Like the Subject. Incorporates creative thinking, regular review, cartoons.
• Winston Grammar, very tactile and clear.
• Critical Thinking Books and software ( has many brainbuilding products. Their Editor in Chief series gives practice in proofreading.
• High school texts that are easy to read: High Noon, AVCS, Remedia, Attainment
Books, Globe Fearon books from Pearson.

A Few Examples of Assistive Technology

• Text-to-speech readers, like , which has a free version.
• Digital voice recorders help students who cannot take notes. Kathy Kuhl Homeschooling a Child with Learning Challenges
More at
Kathy!Kuhl!©2012!! !Write!
• Software to run on your computer that turns your child’s spoken words into text.
1) Dragon Naturally Speaking, 2) SpeakQ Free 30 day trial
of WordQ at 3) MacSpeech Dictate:,
• Recorded books: 1) 2) (formerly Recordings
for the Blind and Dyslexic) 3) Audio books.
• SmartPen records audio & links it to notes, drawings on special paper.
• Key to Access: fits on your key ring, USB port, carries text to speech software,
talking word processor, talking dictionary, digital voice recorder, and more. One of
several tools from
• Tools to help with focus, sensory integration, & organization:
• Best set of resources: Joan Green’s site, & in her book.

Help With Reading

• School Specialty Intervention gives useful workshops and publishes books &
workbooks including: Alphabetic Phonics & other Orton-Gillingham based materials
& training, Reasoning & Reading, Explode the Code series, Beyond the Code series
(comprehension), and various readers.
• PhonoGraphix reading program explained in Reading Reflex.
• Barton reading program teaches you w/ videos to teach reading

Online Curriculum

• Verticy Learning is a joint project of Calvert Curriculum and the Jemicy School (for
kids with learning disabilities).
• Free trial of ALEKS, an online math program K-12

Other Resources

• *Joyce Cooper-Kahn & Laurie Dietzel. Late, Lost and Unprepared: A Parents’ Guide
to Helping Children with Executive Functioning. 2008.
• Tammy Glaser blogs about teaching her 22-year-old autistic daughter at home since
• Melinda Boring’s website also has a useful blog.
• * makes a visual 60-minute timer, great for those who have trouble
judging time as it passes. Various sizes, some with optional beep sound.

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