Kathy Kuhl’s Upcoming Talks

Great Homeschool Conventions offer 100s of workshops and vendors.

See Kathy at the Great Homeschool Conventions in Missouri.

  • July 13-15, featured speaker at the Missouri Homeschool Convention in St. Louis. Kathy is giving four workshops: “Planning Homeschool with Learning Challenges,” “Helping Teens Overcome Learning Challenges,” “Teaching Algebra: Hands-on Makes Functions Meaningful,” and “Raising Never-give-up Kids: Nurturing Resilience.”
  • October 10-13, SHARE Family Education Conference, Halkidiki, Greece. SHARE conferences are designed for families raising children cross-culturally, with programs for all ages.

 Want Kathy to speak at your event?Kathy speaking 2015

Kathy gives talks on these subjects, and she adapts or writes new talks on request. Use the contact form to tell her what you need and request rates, which are on a sliding scale. Demo MP3s available on request.