Kathy Kuhl’s Upcoming Talks

Kathy speaks at large and small events internationally on many topics. Upcoming events include:

Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution! I’m excited to be part of this impressive new movie about homeschooling, which will encourage more families to homeschool and communicate the wonderful benefits of customizing education for our kids. The film will be released in theatres across the US. Support the Kickstarter campaign between now and October 12, and learn more here.

Hear Kathy live online September 11 on raising "never-give-up" kids.

Join me for a Facebook Live event Tuesday, September 11, 7:30 PM EDT.

September 11, 7:30 EDT, Kathy discussed “Raising Never-Give-Up Kids,” at a Facebook Live event at SPED Homeschool Conversations with Peggy Ployhar. Watch the replay at the last link, or download the podcast here. 

November 3, Kathy is giving 5 talks at North Carolinians for Home Education’s Summit for Teaching Exceptional Children, Kernersville, NC. Originally scheduled for September 15, the conference was postponed because of Hurricane Florence. Kathy’s topics are:

Summit on teaching exceptional children, Sept. 15, Kernersville NC

Join me at this special needs homeschool conference November 3

  • Planning Homeschool with Learning Challenges,
  • Help Distractible Students Succeed,
  • What Good are Labels? Understanding Your Child’s Learning Problems,
  • When Writing Doesn’t Come Easily, and
  • Raising Never-Give-Up Kids.

Learn more and register here.

 Want Kathy to speak at your event?

Whether you’re running a homeschool conference or group for a special needs, homeschooling, or any parent audience, Kathy is happy to help. She effectively encourages and equips a wide range of audiences, speaking at everything from international education conferences to Christian women’s retreats.  Click here for a list of talks Kathy gives. She writes new talks on request.

For 2019, Kathy is not accepting invitations to homeschool conventions, only smaller events.

For women’s retreats, contact Kathy to discuss topics and the needs of your particular group, or to request references. Her most recent retreat topic was renewing our hope.

Use the contact form to tell her what you need and request rates, which are on a sliding scale. Demo MP3s available on request.