July 14, 2015

Can’t see beyond your paperwork?

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By Kathy Kuhl Last month I had the privilege of walking to Myrtle Falls, in Mt. Rainier National Park. (Thanks, Washington Homeschool Organization, for having me speak at your convention. What a beautiful state!) Dazzled by the beauty of the massive volcano and its glaciers, we walked through John Muir’s favorite Alpine meadow, with gorgeous […]

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July 07, 2015

Traveling with exceptional children

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By Kathy Kuhl The young businesswoman walked by me at San Diego airport last month. She paused, turned, looked at the baby in my arms, beamed, and said, “She’s absolutely perfect.” I thanked her, but felt compelled to add, “She cried all the way from New York.” “She’s beautiful,” the woman said, smiled again, and […]

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