March 24, 2015

7 Steps to Beginning to Homeschool

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by Kathy Kuhl     Here’s what I’d say to anyone starting out: 1. Don’t panic. You’ve always been responsible for your child’s education. You just outsourced it to a school. Now you’ll do lots yourself. You may still outsource: to fellow homeschoolers in a co-op, to tutors, to community classes. Think of yourself as facilitating your child’s education, […]

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May 01, 2014

Overwhelming or Opportunity? Making the Most of Homeschool Conventions

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by Kathy Kuhl Ever been to a homeschool convention? I often attended as a homeschooler. Now as a speaker I’ve been to dozens. Today, I’m sharing tips on how to make the most of yours. Because if you don’t prepare, you may fall victim to Homeschool Convention Brain (HCB). The seven warning signs of HCB: […]

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