Resources for homeschooling with special needs

by Kathy Kuhl

For readers of my chapter on homeschooling with special needs in the book, Homeschooling Methods, below I will post the resources mentioned in that chapter.

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Diagnosis and professional help

The Home School Legal Defense Association has an excellent special needs department with articles, screening tools, and recommendations here. They also provide advice to their members.

SPED Homeschool is another nonprofit offering good resources and encouragement through podcasts, webinars, online meetings, and more. (Disclosure: at this writing, I am on the SPED Homeschool advisory board, an unpaid position.)

For more on finding education and medical professionals to help you homeschool and to understand your child’s challenges, read “Professionals who can help you homeschool,” chapter 8 of Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner.  Order on Amazon here, or learn more and download a sample of this book here.

For specific advice on finding an occupational therapist, see my blog.

HSLDA advises parents try to avoid using public school education professionals if possible in “Finding a Homeschool Friendly Special Education Professional,” downloaded September 18, 2020.

Setting Goals

More to come….