Initial Questionnaire

Want to talk with Kathy?
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Kathy gives private consultations for parents on many topics, including:

  • considering and beginning homeschool,
  • adjusting their homeschool as students mature or as their diagnoses change,
  • approaching transitions (adolescence, middle school level, high school level, or post high school),
  • schedule, extracurriculars, social activities,
  • finding support,
  • choosing and adapting curriculum.

These consultations can be by phone, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or in person. Let me know what you prefer, and how to reach you. (For Zoom, I will send you a link.)

How to request a paid consultation

If you think you might like a longer consultation, here’s how to make the most of the time. Please briefly answer the questions below, and email them to me. (Send a note in the contact form to request my email address.) Your answers help me to prepare. The questionnaire is optional for the initial, free 15-minute consultation. If you don’t have time or don’t want to, just let me know.

Copy and paste the questions below into an email or a document, and send it to me. Since email is not secure, you may wish to give the document a password and send me that password by text or in a separate email. Once I receive your information, I will keep it confidential.

Though I have no licenses or advanced degrees, I am a veteran homeschooling mom with a bright child with learning problems. I’ve talked with hundreds of other such parents. An initial 15-minute phone consultation is still free, and helps us both decide if longer sessions are worthwhile.

Cost, Sale, and Discounts

The normal price one-hour consultation is $120, (or $30/quarter hour). I’m currently offering a discounted price of $100/hour.

Financial hardship: I offer a sliding scale. I understand that many families with children with learning challenges have spent a fortune on testing and therapies. So I am happy to consider charging what you can afford. Occasionally I help pro bono. Email me for details.

Initial Questionnaire Part 1

1. Your name:

2. Your town, state or province, country, and time zone:

3. Today’s date: (MM/DD/YY)

4. Your phone number. (If you are outside North America and prefer to use Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Signal, please give your username.)

5. How you found out about Kathy Kuhl’s work, if you recall?

Part 2 

(If you want to discuss more than one child, copy this section and fill it out for each child you want to discuss.)

6. What is the name age, and sex of the child you want advice for?

7. Does this child have siblings? ____
If so, please give age, sex, and educational setting, so I can understand your other responsibilities better. [E.g.: Sister, 17, public school. Brother, age 7 homeschool, sister, age 3.]

8. What is this child good at?

9. What does this child enjoy doing?

10. If you haven’t homeschooled this child, briefly describe why you are thinking of homeschooling.

11. Please summarize his or her education so far:
[e.g. public school, Seuss County, VA, grades K-2. Whoville Academy, Whoville, HI, grades 3- and half of grade 4. Homeschooled since middle of grade 4.]


Has the child been identified as:

12. Gifted? If so, in what respects?

13. Attention deficit disorder?  If so, what kind–hyperactive, impulsive, distractible, inattentive, combined?

14. Learning disabilities? If so, what kind?

15. Autism spectrum disorder? (If so, which kind? Diagnosed at what age?)

16. Sensory processing disorder or sensory integration disorder?

17. Other conditions, including Tourettes, OCD, bipolar, seizures, allergies, speech problems, handwriting, or other fine motor problems?

18. How is the child’s health?

19. Any conditions you suspect, but that are undiagnosed?

20. How does this child do socially with other children his or her age?

21. What other concerns do you have for this child?

If you want advice on curriculum:

22. Some parents prefer curricula that never mention God, others prefer those that do, and others are open to either, if well-written. Do you have a religious preference regarding curriculum?

23. If you are interested in a particular homeschool approach, please specify. (For example, you may be interested in unschooling, classical education, Charlotte Mason, or unit studies. See “Teaching Approaches,” chapter 12 of Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner.)

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