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Encouraging Your ChildEncouraging Your Child– Get your copy today!

What experts are saying about Encouraging Your Child, Kathy’s newest book

In Encouraging Your Child, Kathy Kuhl gives parents practical ways to support our children by helping them develop the tools to become self-encouragers. She also points out how to overcome our own tendencies to speak first and listen later to our children, thus robbing them of teachable moments and growth opportunities. This book might be short, but it’s long on common sense and, well, encouragement.
~Sarah Hamaker, a certified Leadership Parenting Coach™ Author, Ending Sibling Rivalry: Moving Your Kids From War to Peace.

Kathy Kuhl knows the dangers of discouragement and how easily it can set in. Because of her work with children and teens who don’t learn basic disciplines like writing and math easily, Kathy is perfectly equipped to show us and teach us how to interact with students in ways that lift the clouds of doubt and despair. Her insights about how to encourage all students are relevant and her ideas are realistic. She concisely includes important topics that will empower you to successfully encourage even those who no longer believe in themselves. Don’t give up! Read and apply these principles and you’ll be more encouraged, too.
~Kathy Koch, Ph.D., President, Celebrate Kids, Inc.

Encouraging Your Child does something I wish ALL books would do—provide truly useful and practical suggestions. Kathy Kuhl takes her well-researched concepts to the next level, and provides answers parents can use, particularly parents with kids on the spectrum. She shares:

  • how to catch intensity when it is a lower level, rather than waiting for the meltdown.
  • how to stop being the rescue-parent who fixes things so often their child never learns.
  • how to teach your children to create positive self-think-speak to replace the negative tape recording they may be playing in their heads.

This is a thoughtful book that will be helpful to parents who’ve employed counterproductive habits that undermine what they’d like to have happen.
~Carol Barnier, speaker and author, The Big WHAT NOW Book of Learning Styles, How to Get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and onto Learning.

Praising your child seems simple, but the way in which a parent goes about it can either result in internal motivation or decreased self-esteem.  Finally, there’s a definitive manual on how to do it right. Kathy Kuhl’s easy-to-read, practical guidebook, Encouraging Your Child, provides all the answers. Praise is a powerful tool. This book can literally change the lives of parents and children alike.
~Ann Dolin, President, Educational Connections.  Author, Homework Made Simple and A Guide to Private Schools: The Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland Edition.

Kathy Kuhl’s Encouraging Your Child is the perfect handbook for parents of different learners. Her no-nonsense, practical approach arms parents with tactics and strategies to use in a myriad of situations, to become more effective encouragers and to encourage children to be self-encouragers. This is a must-read for any parents desiring to better support their children through the challenges and disappointments of life.
~Jackie Mills-Fernald, Access Director, McLean Bible Church, Vienna, Virginia.

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