Late, Lost, and Unprepared: A Parents’ Guide to Helping Children with Executive Functioning by Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Ph.D. & Laurie Dietzel, Ph.D.

review by Kathy Kuhl Many of us dread that our children are too often Late, Lost, and Unprepared. Joyce Cooper-Kahn and Laurie Dietzel have crafted a short, helpful guide for parents on to how to teach chronically disorganized children to be organized. This is not a study skills book. They do not assume you just tell the […]

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E-book: Holiday Social Skills for your Wired Child by Carol Barnier

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Review by Kathy Kuhl Ebook from 37 pages. $4.95. Carol has written a clear, funny, and helpful workbook to make the holidays less stressful for your child and for you. In thirty-seven pages, she explains why social parts of the holidays are so difficult for our children, and offers practical activities to ease the way. The book […]

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Lonely, Sad and Angry: How to Help Your Unhappy Child by Barbara D. Ingersoll, Ph.D. and Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.

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Review by Kathy Kuhl Lonely, Sad, and Angry: Help for Your Unhappy Child. 2001. ISBN 978-1886941458 Does anger, loneliness, or sadness dominate the life of a child you know—not just for a few bad days, and maybe not every hour—nearly every day? It could be depression. How do you know? Psychologists Barbara Ingersoll and Sam […]

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A Birds Eye View of Life with ADD and ADHD: Advice from Young Survivors by Alex Zeigler and Chris Zeigler Dendy

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The son-and-mother team of Alex Zeigler and Chris Zeigler Dendy, have teamed up to produce a new video, Real Life ADHD: A Survival Guide for Children and Teens. Alex is a young videographer, editor, college graduate, and web designer, who was diagnosed with ADHD at age twelve. His mom, Chris Zeigler Dendy, is an author, teacher, psychologist, […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Assistive Technology in Special Education: Resources for Education, Intervention, and Rehabilitation by Joan L. Green

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Review by Kathy Kuhl Prufrock Press. ISBN: 978-1-59363-719-4 List price $39.95. On Amazon for much less. While technology can be a mixed blessing, it is clear we need it, we cannot escape it, and we should not want to. Technology can help our children improve their speaking, writing, reading, thinking, and memory. It can help people […]

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Resources for Homeschooling Children with Learning or Attention Difficulties

Resources For Planning Sutton & Sutton, Strategies for Struggling Learners: A Guide For the Teaching Parent ISBN: 0964568411. Out of print but available used from or Joyce Herzog, Choosing and Using Curriculum ISBN 1887225226 Learning in Spite of Labels ISBN 1882514130 Joyce National Home Education Network and Home School Legal Defense Association have helpful special needs sections on their websites. Lenore Calacion Hayes, Homeschooling […]

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