Missed a conference? You now have many ways to buy recordings.
Wherever you order recordings, you may download handouts; see the “Talk Handouts” tab. That’s on the left on desktops and laptops, above on mobile devices.)

In December 2016, Kathy gave a webinar for the ADHD Expert Webinar series, on “Lessons Learned by Homeschool Families that Help All Students.” Download it here, free.
In 2013 and 2016, Kathy gave these talks at the Home Educators Association of Virginia conventions:
  • When Math Doesn’t Come Easily,
  • When Arithmetic Doesn’t Come Easily,
  • Encouraging Your Child,
  • Helping Teens Overcome Learning Challenges,
  • When Handwriting and Spelling Don’t Come Easily.
You can download MP3s or purchase CDs here.
At the Florida Parent Educator Association State Conventions in May and November 2014, Kathy gave seven talks:
  • Helping Distractible Students Succeed,
  • Encouraging Your Child,
  • Understanding Your Child’s Learning Challenges,
  • Teaching Children with Learning Challenges,
  • Helping Teens Overcome Learning Challenges,
  • Memory Boosters, and
  • Allergic to Algebra? Try a Multisensory, Structured Language Approach.
You can buy MP3s of these talks here. Notice their list also includes my articles, blog posts, and workshops descriptions.

At Ultimate Special Needs Expo 2010 and 2011, Kathy gave three talks. You can purchase both conferences in a set and learn from dozens of excellent speakers.

To order recordings of Kathy’s workshops at CHAP 2009 in Harrisburg, click here and enter “Kuhl” in the search box. Workshops recorded at CHAP 2009:

  • “Homeschooling Your Child with Learning or Attention Difficulties,”
  • “Teaching Math to Struggling Learners,”
  • “Encouraging Your Struggling Learner,”
  • “Teaching Writing to Struggling Learner,” and
  • “Homeschooling Struggling Learners Through High School.”