June 22, 2017

Why Freshmen Fail and How to Avoid It! – Review of Carol Reynolds’ book

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by Kathy Kuhl Every summer, families celebrate graduations and prepare to send students off to college. Every year, some freshmen drop out of college. No one likes to think about it. We prepare for college life, buying bedding and fans, computers and electronics, cleaning supplies and posters. But what worries us most is the thing […]

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June 15, 2017

What’s Best for the Kids: Lessons from a Homeschool Veteran

Walt and Margaret Cranor homeschooled their five children, and helped many homeschool families.

By Kathy Kuhl In homeschool communities, experienced parents pass along their wisdom to new homeschoolers. This process is invaluable to homeschooling. Because of their willingness to help others, these experienced parents save the rest of us a lot of mistakes. One such parent is my sister-in-law, Margaret Kuhl Cranor. In 1997, I was a bit […]

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June 08, 2017

College Accommodations and Self-Advocacy Part II

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By Kathy Kuhl     In last week’s post, I discussed college accommodations and self-advocacy for students with learning challenges, especially in the context of college. In today’s post I’ll answer questions about college accommodations. I’ll discuss some of the practical aspects of accommodations. How to evaluate college accommodations Not all colleges offer the same levels of […]

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June 01, 2017

College Accommodations and Self-Advocacy Part I

college accommodations part 1

By Kathy Kuhl Can your child with learning challenges make it through college? When you are homeschooling a ten-year-old who cannot read or a twelve-year-old who still struggles with math facts, thinking about college seems unrealistic. College can look like just one more goal your child may not reach. Self-advocacy is one key to success–whether […]

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