June 27, 2015

New research in preventing crib death (SIDS)

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By Kathy Kuhl Dr. Daniel Rubens, an anesthesiologist at Children’s Hospital in Seattle, has been pioneering a new technique to identify babies at risk for crib death, or SIDS–Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. According to the Seattle Times, Dr. Rubens became intrigued reading a Rhode Island Department of Health study showing inner ear damage in babies […]

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June 16, 2015

Just a minute: Help for distracted parents

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By Kathy Kuhl Last weekend as I spoke on helping distractible students succeed (at the Washington Homeschool Organization in Puyallup), a woman said, “I can’t let my sons use fidgets or some other strategies you suggest, because they distract me! What can I do?” asked this highly distractible parent. A father in the room, who […]

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June 09, 2015

Accommodations for the ACT: One family’s story

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Years ago, I wrote about our experience getting accommodations for the SAT. I included advice from Judy Fulton. You have have heard the ACT can be better for students with learning disabilities than the SAT. Recently, Forbes Magazine published “Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take the New SAT,” but take the ACT instead. Last fall, […]

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June 02, 2015

Skipping ahead to jump rope success

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by Kathy Kuhl I wouldn’t think a child with gross motor difficulties would be a good candidate for a jump rope team, would you? I’d be wrong. At the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, I met Hannah and her mother Marcia, and learned how this girl with gross motor planning issues was thriving on a […]

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