May 29, 2014

When Mom wants to drop out

Avoiding Burnout Part 1 by Kathy Kuhl [Adapted from Staying Sane as You Homeschool by Kathy Kuhl.] Ever feel like running away from home—when you’re the mom? Some days I felt like quitting. A pathetic parent, a tedious teacher, and, as for housekeeping, don’t even ask! Sometimes it is hard to keep homeschooling. Illness puts […]

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May 22, 2014

Homeschoolers must be learners, too

What can a conference on public speaking teach homeschoolers? Don’t let this photo trick you. This month, I spent three long days learning how to communicate with more power, focus, and clarity, at the SCORRE conference in Orlando. (I just found a great spot to eat breakfast before a long day.) The conference was amazingly […]

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May 01, 2014

Overwhelming or Opportunity? Making the Most of Homeschool Conventions

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by Kathy Kuhl Ever been to a homeschool convention? I often attended as a homeschooler. Now as a speaker I’ve been to dozens. Today, I’m sharing tips on how to make the most of yours. Because if you don’t prepare, you may fall victim to Homeschool Convention Brain (HCB). The seven warning signs of HCB: […]

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